Day 1- East river running

East River Running 1/365

(iPhone camera phone, photoshopped, layer thanks to Pink Sherbet Photography)

When I run the east river it can be many things. Sometimes I watch the cormorants and the diving ducks fish, and it transports me outside of the city- a brief waterfront interlude. In the summer families barbecue, and fish, and gather on the pier. Often the weather changes dramatically: I can be running in sunshine one moment, and snow flurries and rain the next. I watch these storms blow in along river and am inevitably running towards them, which adds another level of homecoming as I turn my back to the clouds and head back towards the taller buildings of Midtown.

But today it was dreary, just cold enough to keep away most dog walkers, and just dark enough to be sinister. About 1 mile short of my turn around, I stepped over several syringes lying used in the middle of the path. So, after finishing my run, standing on the bridge leading me back to York ave., I turned my camera down from the scenic 59th st. bridge, and focused on the graffiti on the ground. Today my East River was dark and gritty. Tomorrow, perhaps, it will be a Sunday afternoon drive. I never know.

(5miles, 9.30mm average pace, 2 syringes and several dog turds avoided)

3 responses to “Day 1- East river running

  1. Cool idea Jessica! Nice picture, surprised how well it came out given it’s from an iPhone in the dark. I guess it adds to the grittiness of the scene.

  2. Thanks Yosuke! The photo was definitely helped along by Photoshop, which also enhanced the darkness. It was more dusk than anything.

  3. Love this idea Jess! And that’s a fantastic photo. The light is great and really adds to the moodiness. 🙂

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