Day 2- Snow

Wait for me...  2/365
(Canon EOS Rebel XSi, uncropped, unmodified)

I woke up this morning to snow. I knew it was snowing when I went to bed. As I left work, I felt the wetness on my face and was annoyed that it was raining. Then I saw the flakes, and some actual whiteness on the ground- a rarity in NYC that seems to emanate heat from its concrete foundation. At home the cat spent the evening at the window trying to catch the flakes. They are her prey, along with rain drops,  jet planes, and a few actual birds drifting in from the East River.

But I did not expect to see snow this morning. Partly because snow rarely sticks in the city, but also because I was not woken by an inordinate level of traffic noise. Don’t get me wrong, there was traffic noise- there is never no traffic noise- but on days with bad weather, or the first day after a long weekend, it raises to a level that is now sufficient to wake me. When I first moved in, I could not sleep without earplugs. A fellow resident chuckled at my complaining and asked me if I’d just moved in- implying I would learn to block it out. I did not think that was possible. It took a year. I realized I’d learned to block out sirens too efficiently when a bystander grabbed me out of an intersection (yes, even in NYC). I had stepped out in front of a screaming ambulence. This required some modification. Tuning out sirens while in bed, good; on the street it was best to pay attention.

So this morning, waking to snow and relatively quiet streets was beautiful. It reminded me of the deep snow blanketing I would sometimes wake to when growing up in Toronto, that would muffle the general city noises and might- just might- herald a snow day. On the way in to work I snapped this Zebra. No snow day here. He remained snow covered and un-played with.

One response to “Day 2- Snow

  1. LOVE the photo and the idea! Can’t wait to read more.

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