Day 4- Why I run (Part 1): Food

A Reason to Run 4/365

There are many reasons why I run. Most of them are quite noble, the usual inspirational subjects: proving my worth to myself, learning the value of dedication and hard work, enjoying regular time spent outdoors…..But, I will not deny it, I also love food. When I go to the cafeteria and see that the chef’s special for the day is an Italian sandwich, with coleslaw, potato salad and buffalo chicken egg rolls, I love that I can say… “well… I will be running 6 miles this afternoon, I can probably get away with ordering this”… and be right.

So this was my lunch, and, 2 hours later, I set off for an afternoon run incorporating all my errands and adding in a few extra guilt fueled miles. In 1 hr 15min I managed to run 6.6 miles, incorporating Central park (Cat Hill and a reservoir loop) and a mile along the East river; buy a Patella tendon band at the Duane Reade and put it on (yes it did seem to help); stop at the pet store to buy cat food and litter and have it delivered; and go to NYRR to pick up my shirt and bib for a race on Sunday. Not only is running a good way to burn off an enormous lunch, it’s also a pretty good way to cover distance in a short amount of time.

The reservoir was looking beautiful this afternoon. A large part of it is now iced over, and several flocks of birds were clustered on these sections.

Below is the route. I’m quite proud of it, not only for its errand fulfilling efficiency, but also because I managed to incorporate two of my favorite running trails into one, nicely symmetrical loop. (which I can’t seem to get to show up properly here!)
02/05/2010 Errand
Find more Runs in Clifton, New Jersey
PS- Don’t ask me why Map My Run seems to think this is Clifton, New Jersey…


2 responses to “Day 4- Why I run (Part 1): Food

  1. Great run through Clifton! One of the things I love about running, especially in the city, is how many things can be done while running. It’s a great reminder that humans were born to use our legs and our feet to get around.

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