Day-5 Fifth Avenue

Gucci 5/365

I have been saying recently how I don’t take enough advantage of all the wonderful things New York has to offer. There are only so many loops of Central Park that can be considered sightseeing. It is one of the most cliched-yet-true ironies of the city that New Yorkers do not visit “New York” sites unless accompanied by visiting friends and relatives. Ask a New Yorker if they’ve been to the statue of Liberty and the majority of answers will either be “nope” or “when, so and so’s Aunt came from ‘insert out of town location’ “. The latter response is often followed by something to the effect of “it was wonderful, I should do things like that more often”.
Today, however, I did the opposite: I visited a “tourist” spot that I had sworn never to do and was suitably underwhelmed. I went to the Abercrombie and Fitch store on Fifth avenue. Granted I was with people, and the person wanting to go there wanted something specific, and we were already in the area- but it was a hard step to take.
Deep down I think I hoped to see something special inside. During the holidays, or the height of summer tourist season, the line to get in snakes around the block. In the back of my mind I hoped there would be something inside this nondescript concrete building that would make tourists, who have a version of this store in their mall at home, line up for hours to get inside. Sadly, I found nothing, unless you count a giant Moose Head, some murals featuring half clad men, and rows and rows of multi-colored boxers. My visit left me disappointed in something I had never expected to enjoy in the first place, which is a hard thing to accomplish, as well as smelling vaguely of adolescent male cologne.
To make an afternoon of it, my friends and I also visited Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and the Nike store. At this point true New Yorkers are getting ready to spray paint ‘tourist’ on my metaphorical front-door. I will fix this by pointing out that we were coming from brunch and were filled to the brim with Joe Shanghai’s dumplings. If you are not from New York, look this place up, it is better than the Abercrombie and Fitch store- I promise!
My purchase for the day?- an ear-warming headband from the Nike store. Yes, I may act like a New Yorker now, but not enough of one yet to be carrying a LV bag.

2 responses to “Day-5 Fifth Avenue

  1. Same thing here in Nashville… Unless my husband is playing on the Grand Ole Opry or we have friends in town, we never go to the ‘touristy’ places. It’s a shame really.
    I do plan to do ALL the touristy things in NYC next month. Can you tell I’m excited?
    The last time I was in NYC was when my husband played at the Lincoln Center. That was very cool.
    Before the concert, we had gone to Central park that day because we had never been and we were walking my Trump Towers and Lincoln Center and thought the building was cool and didn’t even know it was Lincoln Center and that it was where my husband was playing that night. 🙂 Clampetts Take Manhatten! (or something like that) 🙂

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