Day 7- A Visit

A Visitor 7/365

A few weeks ago my co-worker brought her baby (D.) in to work to visit.
I was sitting working at my desk, when I sat up sharply, with ears that would have been pricked- were human ears prick-able.
“Do you hear that?” I asked my co-worker.
She heard nothing.
“No, I swear, there’s a baby somewhere!” I exclaimed as I ran out into the hallway.
Once there, I ran into two other co-workers, emerging from different doors, also converging in on the sound. Soon there was a flock of (mostly) women surrounding poor D, who was just waking from his afternoon nap.
Truly it was not our fault, it was the evolutionary imperative of maternal instinct that propelled us away from our work and towards the baby- and nothing to do with procrastination or wanting to visit with our friend (these were just fortunate by-products.) Really, we could not help ourselves.
D. came for a visit again today. Despite several looming deadlines, I once again could not resist the allure of adorable babyness. I was well rewarded, D. was in an excellent mood: Full of smiles, and giggles, and squirms.
I unfortunately forgot my camera again today, so you’ll have to bear with me and another iPhone picture (and due to said deadlines, a pretty minimal post.)

3 responses to “Day 7- A Visit

  1. Luisa Figueiredo

    Good to know that I am the “by-product”! Thanks for the post. It’s very nice.

  2. brighteyedblessings

    is that your biological clock ticking? D is a adorable.

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