Day 10- After the Storm

Shared Use 10/365

There’s something special about the sun being out, in force, after a heavy storm. Like a reward for suffering through its arrival the day before, the snow greets you in the morning, a brilliant white, accenting a day full of promise.

Perhaps it was my own good mood, but everywhere I looked today there were expressions of joy and appreciation for the sunshine and the snow. Between my home, work, and a 2.5 mile out and back stretch along the East River, I spotted 6 snowmen. The few runners and walkers braving the perfectly cleared East River trail were smiling and acknowledging each other- a rarity on this narrow section that is sometimes tricky to “share”. I saw one of the homeless men who live along the edge of the path finish off some food, look at the crumbs remaining in his hands, glance down at the pigeon watching him at his feet, and then purposefully throw them down for the bird. I smiled at him, he smiled back- exchanges between the trail users and the trail inhabitants are even rarer. Another category of trail user, the dogs, were as happy as dogs can be- my favorite glimpse was of a man walking along the cleared path as his dog happily trotted along the piled up snow to the side.

Another iPhone pic today, unfortunately. I am torn between producing high quality images for the project, and using the iPhone to capture moments during my day when I might not have thought to carry my camera, or may not be able to. I wanted to run with a small backpack and my camera, but discovered I would not be able to cinch the straps tight enough to allow me to do this.

Today’s photo is just before my turnaround, at the Randal’s Island bridge. Again the run was difficult. My cold is not nearly bad enough to prevent me from running, but is noticeable enough when I do, to slow me down. My stress and lack of sleep this week probably isn’t helping either.
4 miles, 9.45 min. pace, lots of sightseeing.


One response to “Day 10- After the Storm

  1. evocative, interesting – and i LOVED the use of Dylan Thomas!

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