Day 11- Departure

Everything is a toy 11/365

Anyone who has cats knows of their conflicted relationship with suitcases. For the young cat, suitcases are wonderful places, full of burrowing opportunities and covered in exotic smells. As the cat gets older and wiser (the smart ones at least), they learn that the emergence of the suitcase means the imminent departure of their owner. My parents once unpacked their suitcase at their destination to find our cat’s favorite toy, lovingly placed amongst their clothes. One cat I had could not resist playing in the suitcase, even after she knew what it was for. But, as soon as it was zipped up and carried down the stairs, her ears would press back to her head and she would run angrily to hide under the bed.

I have one cat, almost two years old (Ayla) and another almost four (Pichu). Pichu is starting to understand the meaning of the suitcase; she definitely understands the meaning of extra food. If I’m gone for one night only, I’ll leave out a pile of food. Ayla is always super-excited about this, wondering how she got so lucky, but Pichu will cast me a withering look of complete comprehension. This morning I was packing for a snowboarding trip. Because I’m using a duffle bag I’m not sure either cat recognized the meaning of it; Ayla, however, thought the snowboard boot laces were excellent toys.

The reason for this post is to set up that I’ll be going away this weekend and won’t have internet access. I’ll be returning Monday night, but have a work presentation on Tues., so expect my photo for Sat., Sun., Mon. and Tues. as a super-extra long post on Tuesday night. I promise the photo chosen will be taken on, and represent, the day in question.

2 responses to “Day 11- Departure

  1. My cats always freak with the bags. Happened this morning even though I was the only one leaving. Oddly it’s the one that hates me, too, so I’d have thought she’d be happy having my wife to herself for a few days.

  2. have fun snow boarding and I’m happy to see you in the blogosphere!!

    We need to do lunch by the way.

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