Day 12- The Big Things

Best Hot Tub Ever

If it’s the little things that count, then our Killington rental house was somewhat of a disappointment. It came, despite a not insignificant price-tag, with no toilet paper, soap, towels, curtains, or an efficient boiler (ie one that didn’t break down spontaneously just when everyone was cold and needed a shower.) I am not, however, complaining, because of the big things- chiefly among them, the Best Hot Tub Ever (although enough beds for 13 people, satellite TV, and a game room count for something too.) Imagine all the bells and whistles that could possibly be in a hot tub (within the limits of reason and sanity of course) and this baby had them. Yes people, she was “loaded”: jet seats, flashing multi-colored lights, a lit up water feature, drink holders that turned your drink a neon color (in case you couldn’t find it after a few too many), and an electronic panel that looked like it could operate a jet plane. It is quite possible, had we found the right buttons, that Best Hot Tub Ever might actually have taken off and transported us towards the mountains in the distance. These mountains, while not the best ever themselves, also made for a pretty spectacular view.
So, as we sat in Best Hot Tub Ever, we toasted to the big things- sometimes, they really do count.


One response to “Day 12- The Big Things

  1. i think i used that hot tub 5 times. totally the best!

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