Day 15- Return

Falling hard

I returned to New York from a relatively snow-free Vermont, to wake the next morning to yet more snow. The cat was in her perch by the window, hunting the flakes. On my lunch break I went to the door of the building and took yet more pictures of the flakes coming down onto the campus. I tried to muster excitement for yet another snowfall, but all I could feel was a strong sense of deja vu, and a slight whiff of weariness.
I love snow, and try hard not to complain about it, but I do admit, the novelty has worn off. Unlike on last Wednesday, I do not have a burning desire to go for a snowy walk, or to wake up early to explore the snow covered East River trail. Tonight I will be happy to go straight home, unpack from my trip, and run on the building treadmill. Although, now that I think about it, the view of the East River from the top of my building will be quite beautiful. And at least it keeps the cat entertained.

Watching the snow


One response to “Day 15- Return

  1. Snow in NY is good only on day one. After, it’s just a slushy, dirty, oil covered mess.

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