Day 23- The Corner

Sewer and Drain Services

This photo was taken while waiting at the light, one Avenue and one block from my house. No matter the route I take home, generally dictated by traffic lights, I almost always end up at this intersection. It is partly because there are limited ways to cross York ave. to get to my building, based on traffic chaos created by the FDR. But this cannot be the whole explanation, because alternatives do exist. When walking home one night with friends who live in the same building as I do, they took a turn and I corrected them. That is not the way, I said. This was not true. It was a perfectly good way to get to our building, just not the one I generally take- the one that deposits me at this said corner.
I have no explanation for this. Perhaps I did it once and, with the instinctual memory that comes from success, my feet have directed me there subconsciously ever since. The result, however, is that more than any other place in the city (other than my building itself, of course) this corner feels like home. I have reached it while tired, drunk, coming home from a run, at all hours from early in the morning to late-late at night, and every time as I stand there, despite being aware that I have a few more minutes till I reach it, I know that I am home.

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