Day 26- 4 Walls

Shadow Puppets

Some days, like yesterday, walls can’t hold me. I love the outdoors and there is so much to see and do in a city this size. Those days I think nothing of a 9 mile outdoor run, sandwiched between work and going out for the evening. On those days treadmills are like hamster wheels, and running shoes are a form a transportation, not an exercise tool. Other days, like today, that sense of adventure is quenched and dormant. On days like today I’m happy to go to the gym, do a Pilates class, and get in four miles on the treadmill. Afternoons are for napping, catching up on chores and playing with the cats.
An entire NYC day without a little exploration though is hard to accomplish. A quick trip to dinner with friends at an East Village Fondue restaurant allowed me a brief excursion to an exotic local, decorated with rich lighting, red velvet and antiqued knick knacks. A perfect opportunity to play with my new iPhone Hipstamaik app.:

2 responses to “Day 26- 4 Walls

  1. I see you got the Hipstamatic….isn’t it fun? I love the picture of the cat with the shadow. 🙂

  2. I love it, but I sort of feel like I’m cheating. I’ve only used it for one blog post, cause I had a dry day, the Feb. 28th one. What’s your thoughts on that?
    I feel like the creative control is programmed into the app, not with me, but then on the other hand the results are so fantastic. Totally torn.

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