There should be a photo at the start of each post. Today I logged on and couldn’t see several of the photos associated with my posts. It concerns me that this could be happening to my readers, who would not have known there was supposed to be a photo there.
If you don’t see a pic associated with each post, your computer may be blocking some of the Flickr images. I solved the issue this way:
“If you are using Firefox, check to be sure the Flickr servers are not in your block list. You can get to that option here:
Tools menu > Options > Content > Load Images Automatically > Exceptions
Firefox menu > Preferences > Content > Load images automatically > Exceptions
You can also try to right click from your mouse (ctrl-click on a Mac) an empty image element, and look to see if the option to ‘Block images from *’ is selected, substituting the * for one of the host server names mentioned above. If so, deselect it. “

If you haven’t always seen the photos, let me know. I’ll stop using Flickr to host them and upload them straight from my PC.
Thanks for your attention, now on to regularly scheduled programming…


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