Day 27- February Recap

59th st. Bridge 27/365

I began the last day of February, fittingly, the same way I commemorated the first: with an East River run and an iPhoto pic of the 59th st. bridge.
As each month should begin with new promise and personal resolutions, I started mine today. Since getting back to running seriously after my injury in December, I have been focusing only on building back the mileage and the miles. My lack of attention to other parts of my body was brought home to me when a strength training class on Tues. left my non-running leg muscles (glutes mostly) so sore I could barely walk for two days. March will be a month of strength training and speed work, which I inaugurated today with an interval run (6 reps of 0.25 miles with 2min. jogging in between and 1mile warm up and cool down). I felt good, but, on checking my Garmin later, I was not nearly as fast as I felt. Back to the grindstone it is for me.
And now on to February. The first month of my 365 project and my blog:

February 365 Project

Firstly, amazingly, I’m writing to actual people- not just myself in the guise of having an audience. Thank you!! At some point on Saturday I passed the 1000 hits mark. Even with multiple visits by the same people, there must a number of different readers (I mean even my mother couldn’t be visiting my blog 1000 times in 25 days could she?!).
As for February? I guess the deciding influence of the month must be the weather. Three individual snow storms and one big rainstorm led to 7/27 pics that featured inclement conditions. As for the project challenge, I feel that I mostly kept up with it, and tried to remain true to the spirit of the venture: one pic, that represents an important aspect of that day, taken on the day itself. I am proud I only used the cat fallback two times, but did use the iPhone option 8 times (in the name of accurate reportage however.) As for the role of running in my life, it is clearly significant, two races and several training runs have led to 7/27 pics taken during runs or at races. So February goes down in this photo-log as a month of challenging weather, that did not always keep me indoors, and rewarded me thoroughly when it did not.
I’m going to officially celebrate the 1000 visit mark by addressing my phantom readers for the first time. Do you have a favorite pic, post, and or blog entry theme?
I would love to know.
And now, on to March. Hopefully there’ll be some spring blossoms, and a few less white-outs in that set.

3 responses to “Day 27- February Recap

  1. ok I’ll fess up….I have been really enjoying reading your blog posts. I have a budding interest in photography, and not only do I love seeing your photos, but the stories that go with them are funny and interesting. I had no idea you were so multi-talented (photographer, writer, runner, knitter, scientist….)! You ROCK!

  2. You are a FANTASTIC writer and photographer i love every picture of your block specially the one from the bridge one of the last ones.


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