Day 31- Photos photos everywhere

Library Security 31/365

When I first moved to New York, I wasn’t doing photography- and yet photographs abound. Whether scenic or gritty, sunny or snowy, blue or grey, it is a city that is always interesting. For a year I took photographs, but with my mind’s eye only. Now, mostly thanks to this project, I have a camera with me always (if you include the iPhone).
Today while entering a building on campus, I saw this reflection in the mirrored door. I noted it, enjoyed it and then snapped two shots before moving on- into the photograph and the library itself. I started this project because I was hoping that the pressure to take a picture each day would improve my shooting, and so far it has done just that. Some days were classic shooting days (the snowstorms on day 9 for ex.), but on others I encountered a moment in my daily life, like the library reflection, that although I might have seen otherwise, I never would have captured.
This photo is the closest I have taken to a self-portrait since starting the project, and I think it is truly appropriate. It captures not just me, but how I feel about doing, and while doing, my 365. It is perhaps a “reminder” photograph- for those days when carrying my camera, or worrying about my shot make me forget why I am doing this in the first place.

2 responses to “Day 31- Photos photos everywhere

  1. nice job, this is a very interesting shot.

  2. brighteyedblessings

    this is perfect in every single way down to the perspective buildings in the background. perfect!

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