Day 32- Faces of Rockefeller (Part I): Cafeteria Chef

Chef's Table 32/365

I don’t know this man’s name. I plan to rectify this soon. If I had known when I was taking this picture that I was going to go this route with my blog, I definitely would have asked.
He is, as far as I can gather, one of the chefs at our cafeteria. The head chefs are usually sequestered upstairs, on the 17th floor, sending their creations down an elevator that is peppered with signs forbidding the transport of laboratory specimens, and other things you would not want your food to share an elevator with. Once a week on Fridays however, a chef makes an appearance in front of the cafeteria with a food special: the Chef’s Table that runs around $10 instead of the standard $6. Superbowl special, featured on Day 4 was a Chef’s special.
As would be expected, since they make and serve it themselves, the special is always tasty. The chef pictured above shows a real pride in his creation, always talking about it enthusiastically and (although you cannot tell from the pics) with a big smile. I often stop and chat with him about the dish, even if I don’t purchase it. Maybe this is the Canadian in me, but I’ll even feel badly when I opt against it, providing an excuse for why I won’t be spending the $11 dollars on a fancier lunch that day.
Today was an excuse day: I have a cold and wanted soup, but the chef (who will remain nameless, till next Friday when I correct this) was kind enough to let me snap some pics of him. I had to assure him he would not break the camera, and I had to ask him to look up at me (since he started out shyly staring at his food), but I like the results. Which is why I plan to make this a regular feature- taking a portrait of a face I might see every day in my life or work, but that is well worth a second look.


3 responses to “Day 32- Faces of Rockefeller (Part I): Cafeteria Chef

  1. I will look forward to more of these people shots. I went to a workshop where we took pictures of strangers for about a week. It got so easy. Now that I’m home I feel shy about it again.

    • I don’t have too much of a problem with this type of shot, but I have trouble with ones that feel exploitative: like capturing a homeless person on the street and showing their sadness, for example. When I took the trash pic a few days ago I could have photographed the woman rummaging through the trash, but I decided against it.

  2. like this feature too. I work with a lot of chefs who struggle with their weight. Lemme know if he’d like my services.

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