Day 35- Seeing the night

Heading home 34/365

When I head home in the evening from work, my campus is lit up with lights streaming through the windows of those still hard at work, decorative lights so carefully placed by an earnest architect, and the Queensborough bridge and its reflections in the river below. It is a stunningly beautiful scene, and yet I rarely look. I traipse home, with my head to the ground, focused on what I am doing next and where it is I need to go.
Yesterday, instead of going down the dark subway tunnels to travel from Brooklyn back to Manhattan, my friends and stayed above ground, in the warm spring air, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. What could have been an annoying commute, became the highlight of a wonderful day. I have crossed this bridge three times, once on a history tour timed to coincide with sunset, once on a grey morning at the start of a run, and this time, at night, with the city lights blinking and the illuminated bridge framing our path. Each time it was a different experience with different sights, but for the first time I was capturing it on camera.
Having spent last evening balancing my camera on different railings, trying to get steady night images, I did not rush out today to get my picture in daylight. I waited calmly, as darkness fell. Then, as I left work to go home, I stopped and looked. The night scene was there in front of me, hundreds of photos that were yet to be explored. My camera, balanced on a bench, captured this moment, and this man, head down, seeing nothing.


2 responses to “Day 35- Seeing the night

  1. amazing image. The motion blur of the man is really good and your story just tops it. Really well done.

  2. brighteyedblessings

    it was so worth the wait. thanx for the effort.

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