Day 36- Eat the Red Ones Last

Smarties 36/365

Take a rare item that you have barely sampled (due to said rareness of course), and even if you enjoy it greatly, you are unlikely to crave it. As delicious as said item may be, you’re unlikely to remember it long afterward, desiring more . Take a readily accessible item that you enjoy, and you may crave it, but not with great urgency- as this craving is easily satiated. But take a once usual item that you have developed a taste for and love, and then make it rare, and this is a recipe for craving and desire.
This is the basis for my relationship with Smarties.
Smarties are a candy, available in Canada and throughout Europe, but not in the US, that are similar, but oh so different from M&Ms. Yes they are round, chocolate filled, and candy coated, but this cannot begin to describe their crunchy, chocolate-y deliciousness. The key differences are the quality of the chocolate, and the fact that the candy coating is thicker, crunchier, and perfectly sweet. I grew up eating and enjoying Smarties, and yet taking them fully for granted. As a child I dutifully “ate the red ones last” as the jingle instructed me, even though the different colors of Smartie do not have different flavors. I even remember tasting my first package of M&Ms on a family visit to the US and, not realizing they would one day become the anti-Smartie, enjoying those. Smarties were a chocolate, one of my favorites, but nothing special.
Then, on moving to the US, they were taken away from me- or at least became harder to obtain. Through this distance the heart became fonder, as the saying goes, and they have taken on the prominence of a cult item. I jump up and down in excitement when I find them at the occasional American store; I stock up on them when home in Canada, mumbling embarrassed explanations to the cashier as I’m purchasing 10 packages of chocolate, and when, like today, a friend brings them back from a trip, it is an event worthy of a picture and a blog post. Plus, my blog could use some color for a change.

Do you eat the red ones last


5 responses to “Day 36- Eat the Red Ones Last

  1. Yeah – I used to say when growing up in England “smarties for the smart” –
    I love em too! – but oddly – am not familiar with the jingle ~ “the red ones last” ~?

  2. brighteyedblessings

    better than m&ms?

  3. oh so much better than M&Ms, and I’m from Texas!

  4. your photo is delicious.

    why is regular chocolate from outside the US so much better? even kit kats from the UK are better than kit kats here.

    there’s a bodega on 1st ave that sometimes has cadbury flake. i was so excited when i found out, but, just as you said, i don’t feel a drive to seek them out. 🙂

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