Day 38- Curiosity

Fascinated 38/365

My pic for today is of one of my cats, Pichu, who was fascinated by the microwave as it heated my dinner. She stood this way as I caught sight of her, ran to get my camera, shot several pics, and long afterward- the entire time my dinner was heating, 3 minutes to be exact. She then hopped down, showed no interest in the turkey I was warming, and went to chase her adopted sister around the living room. What it was that fascinated her so, I will never know, but she must have been thinking something, which is an interesting thought in itself.

The real pic I worked in this evening though, was one I took this weekend at the Cloisters.

Cloisters Pillar

This was my first attempt at HDR and I plan to try many more. I didn’t attempt to make this one look natural, instead I enhanced the grain with a textured layer and added a border. I have a feeling I’ll have many fun hours, and significantly less successful images, from playing with this technique.


3 responses to “Day 38- Curiosity

  1. Keep it up Jess,
    I love seeing how your work with the photos!

  2. I’ve wanted to try HDR and took a few pics in Madeira that I thought I’d try to merge, but I’m terrible with Photoshop and just don’t have the time. Maybe I should start staying up past 11, but then I turn into a pumpkin.

  3. Your editing techniques, and composition, here look about perfect to me. I’ve never mastered the 3-5 shot combination HDR, but I often put one shot into HDR for tone mapping. Sometimes I love the result, sometimes it’s horrible.

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