Day 39- Don’t Blame the Rain

Flares 39/365

It is spring and, as I predicted a few weeks earlier, it is raining. This should not be a surprise. It is unfortunate that having been too sick to run all week, the rain chose the three days when I needed to get in all my miles, but that is the way it goes. It is not the rain’s fault.
I headed out for a run this evening, rain and all. I hadn’t run since Saturday and moving fast in the wet night, city lights glinting and reflecting in the puddles, I felt wonderful. Then my knee buckled, 2.5 miles out. This is either because it’s not good for me to run right after a yoga class, because I was running on the cobblestones of Central Park South and West (not wanting to run on deserted trails at night and in the dark), or because the very-hilly 5k hurt me more that I realized— or perhaps a combination of the three. Two and a half miles from home, on an increasingly wet and stormy night, with only a windbreaker, I limp-ran my way home, walking was just not an option. My knee buckled twice and I finally needed to stop. This is not the rain’s fault either, but it wasn’t terribly fun.
The three nights the rain chose to grace our city with its presence were the weekend nights: Friday to Sunday. New Yorkers, dressed up to enjoy all that the city nights have to offer, will struggle all weekend with umbrellas and soaked high-heels. Tomorrow my friends will run a five mile race in the rain, and my sightseeing plans with a visiting friend will change significantly. But the rain can’t have known this, I doubt it has an understanding of our weekly calender.
Nevertheless, I am annoyed at the Spring rain: annoyed I will be running in it all weekend with my knee aching, and disappointed that I missed the opportunity to hang out with its fairer colleague, unseasonably warm Spring evenings.
Annoyed at nothing of course, because this is no one’s fault— certainly not the rain’s.
I took this pic quickly, while rushing to my gym for my Yoga class. This street was blocked off and the traffic-cops, instead of standing out of their car as they usually do, stayed huddled in their car and set off enormous smoking flares to warn traffic instead. From a photographer’s perspective, I think this was a fantastic idea. Keep up the good work NYPD-traffic division.
(Those with a sharp eye will recognize the corner)

2 responses to “Day 39- Don’t Blame the Rain

  1. Wonderful pic. Love the ghostly cabs. Sorry to hear about the knee. Are you wearing the patella brace?

  2. brighteyedblessings

    love the shot. so much going on here. you might have to suck it up and give your knee a much needed rest, sorry

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