Day 40- RIP Umbrellas

Umbrella Graveyard 40/365

Today was not a good day to be an umbrella in NYC.
In honor of the fine service of my umbrella, recently deceased, and the many others newly departed, I offer this message:
Thank you umbrellas. Today the streets of this city were littered with your carcasses. In one block alone I counted 15 of your mangled and broken bodies, tossed to the side of the road. As I entered a subway car, two of you were left on the seats inside. My own umbrella, decorated with flowers to remind me of sunnier times, was left in a garbage can with at least 5 others of its fallen compatriots (that were visible). The losses were indiscriminate, across all ranks and levels: Burberry lay, now equal, alongside street vendor purchases.
But you are not forgotten, although you will be quickly replaced, I thank you for your valiant attempts to keep us dry. Although you may not have been up to the task, in the gale force winds today, you have been on other days- and for this I thank you.

3 responses to “Day 40- RIP Umbrellas

  1. As a tall man in the city, I deplore umbrella usage. Most people don’t pay attention where they walk when they use them and I wind up nearly losing an eye every few feet. Ban the umbrella; buy a good raincoat and a wide brimmed hat. You’ll stay drier in the end.

  2. brighteyedblessings

    it’s cute and she served you well. i do hope she didn’t poke the tall guy in the eye.

  3. That’s funny that you should post this as well. We couldn’t believe how many broken umbrella’s we saw just between 7th and 10th on 42nd. I kinda wished I had taken a photo of all of them. My first umbrella that I bought on Friday night died along with all the rest. I bought another one from the MET for more money and I also held it tight. It survived.

    We’re leaving in the morning. We hate to say goodbye but I don’t think my kids could stand another day. I think we’ve worn them out.
    They loved the city and we had a great time. Maybe we can come back one day and enjoy more things.

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