Day 41- The Plaza

The Plaza 41/365

Today I set foot in the Plaza hotel (and now residence) for the first time. Before coming to New York I was well aware of this iconic hotel, partly due to Home Alone, but mostly thanks to Eloise. This was a rare childhood character I could relate to. She had pets, a Nanny, and the opportunity to get into trouble while playing in an adult world. When you say The Plaza, I still picture a world of Pink and Black (as it was in the original editions of the book).
Instead, the real-life plaza is marbled and gold . The Oak Room where we had our drinks was dark and paneled, with murals and overpriced drinks. I did not, sadly, encounter a lost turtle in my water glass or a sick doll that needed tending to. Nor did I run into a lost boy sneaking around with a tape recorder.
As for the running portion of this blog, it may need to take a break- which is somewhat devastating really. For the second time in two runs I had to stop after 3 miles with knee pain- not due a dull ache, or even a slight stab, but a buckling pain that stopped me short. This buckling thing is new, and the whole evolving for the worse is definitely not a good sign. My biggest concern is that this came after a relatively light week and 4 days completely off, suggesting that a little bit of rest will not be enough.
We shall see.
More time for photography maybe?

One response to “Day 41- The Plaza

  1. brighteyedblessings

    absolutely love the photo.
    i am really sorry to hear of the pain you are suffering. i do hope it is something that can be fixed easily. sending good vibes your way.

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