Day 43- Blue skies

Parallels 43/365

Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies, do I see

If you are reading these words to the accompanying tune you are at least old enough to be able to watch an old-time musical without squirming, a complete dork, or a fan of Christmas movies. None of these three categories is mutually exclusive, and all of them describe me.

Today was, however, a beautiful day. Not just a beautiful day, but a well-earned beautiful day. After suffering through dramatically stormy weather and a rain soaked weekend, today the weather was warm and the skies were clear. I could be saccharinely optimistic and state that the weather this weekend was all the more worthwhile, because of how special the clear day felt today. But I won’t. Nothing can make the weather on Saturday forgiveable, nor the fact that it took place on Saturday. But the weather today was definitely nice. And yes, this post is fully, completely, and unabashedly about the weather, as well as being completely without substance. What can I say, you post every day, sometimes this will happen.

I took this shot from my window at work. I was focussed on a tug boat, when I noticed there were two parallel plane tracks in the sky. This is the kind of shot that, although you could easily create it in Photoshop, only works because it is real. Hopefully shots like these remain effective, because they are fun to take.

Blue days, all of them gone, nothing but blue skies, from now on

And I’m out.


2 responses to “Day 43- Blue skies

  1. Hey there Mr. Blue/We’re so glad to be with you/Look around see what you do/Everybody smiles at you. –ELO, “Mister Blue Sky”

  2. yep, it works. I really like the trails left by the planes.

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