Day 44- Everyday Captures

Spider Trees 44/365

This photo was shot as I waited for the elevator, from the window of my building (I live on the 20th floor). As I looked down, I saw the morning sun reflecting off a few trees, while my own building cast a shadow over the rest of the street.
I am realizing that busy days have made it so that many of my photos are taken from a few key places. Notable among them, both for the banality of the location and the variety of photos I have captured, are those taken while waiting for the elevator, and while walking to the cafeteria.
I have included my favorites of these below:

Cafeteria walk (I have included one shot that was taken on that same stretch, but at night while heading home)

1. Drips and drops 22/365, 2. Perched, 3. Enjoying the Snow 25/365, 4. Heading home 34/365


1. Spider Trees 44/365, 2. Shadow, 3. Cabs in the rain 24/365, 4. Anatomy of an Icicle

Perfect examples of those everyday moments of beauty or interest, now frozen for posterity thanks to this project.

One response to “Day 44- Everyday Captures

  1. Since most people miss these ‘banal’ shots because they don’t have a camera with them, they become quite out of the ordinary.

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