Day 47-Dumbo

Open a Window
View On Black

Tonight, after a busy day and night of celebration, I have less words and more images- and so will post accordingly.

This afternoon the F train took me to a warm and sunny Dumbo (Brooklyn) where the colors gleamed, the parks were filled with sunbathers, and the Brooklyn bridge reflected off of sun drenched windows.

View large On Black

In this light the graffiti, which can seem either beautiful or sinister depending on the setting, popped off the walls like illuminated works in an outdoor gallery– even when more practical than artistic.

No Parking
View large On Black

I was there to head to Barge Music, a music venue on the water, where two of my friends would hold their wedding ceremony. As I walked from the subway, they were heading back from their pictures. They walked carefully alongside the graffiti framing the uneven Dumbo streets, heading towards a sun-drenched pier, a spectacular view of the Brooklyn bridge, and married life.

On Their Way

2 responses to “Day 47-Dumbo

  1. Wow, that first picture is stunning.

  2. I agree, the first picture is amazing….very interesting to look at. The last shot is very natural too, I really like it.

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