Day 49- Mondays

Bloom 49/365

Not much to discuss on a rainy Monday. One friend began this week no longer effectively, but actually married; another resolved to clear up old ends and to look for new beginnings. I worked, but not as productively as I should, and vowed that the rest of the week would be different. Fully aware of being an ironic cliche, I planned to stop procrastinating, tomorrow. Outside it was foggy and wet, as if the whole day was spent in a bathroom where the shower was running and the shower curtain open: not quite wet, certainly not dry, and difficult to see too far ahead.

This afternoon I read a blog post on a site that WordPress suggested after yesterday’s posting. In it a boy gave a straight-forward description of his living room. It was written simply, as a stream of consciousness, but as it progressed some of the details about this room began to unintentionally reveal strange and maybe dark aspects of his life. This gave me an idea and I wrote out the first semblance of fiction that I have in a while, but it was sad and unnecessarily dark, so I will keep it to myself.

For today’s picture I tried a few options: another lab tools post (the centrifuge, that I will save for a day when my writing feels more inspired), some rainy reflections outside my window, and what I chose in the end- flowers that were sitting on a co-workers window sill at work.

One response to “Day 49- Mondays

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