Day 51- Color

Cacophony 51/365

I love color, I have always loved color. So much so, that I once thought it impossible for me to see in black and white. I would photograph a flower, or a landscape on a dull day with dim light, with my black and white film. As I tried to shoot in B&W (in the days of film this was a commitment, for 24 images at least) all I could see was the beautiful pop of one color, against a background of another.
Lately, perhaps with maturity, perhaps because NYC in the winter is a black and white world to begin with, most of my pictures have been monochromatic. But now, with the beginning of spring, that is clearly changing. This picture was not processed at all, except for cropping and a slight exposure adjustment: there was no saturation enhancement, no HDR, no nothing. If you were walking by the NYP hospital, at around 2pm today, and looked up– this is what you would have seen. Of course look a little to the left, or the right, up, or down, and people, buildings, fruit-vendors and dog-walkers would have intruded on your view. But blinker your eyes with the frame of a camera (or your hands if that was all you had on you), and you would have joined me in this cacophonous world of pink and blue.

And now.. for your viewing pleasure, more pink and blue (with a little green).


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