Day 54- New York Nights: UWS


Another New York night, this will now be a recurring series. Recurring, when I take my photo while out at night, and won’t have much time for writing on my return.

Tonight was an Upper West Side night out: a neighborhood restaurant, with a homey atmosphere and very good food (Italian); and a non-dive pub-style bar, for relaxed beers with good friends.

The UWS, as I’ve written here before, feels like another world from the UE. It is quieter, calmer and has only two restaurants per block, instead of six- how do they manage? As with all other worlds, a commute was required to reach it: a ridiculous 50 minutes and 2 buses to cover about 3 miles. Clearly I could cover this faster on foot, but not without cutting through Central Park at night and getting blisters from evening foot wear. After wondering why I was spending so much time to go to an Italian restaurant when I can see three from my apartment alone, I enjoyed the change of scenery, and of course the company of my friends.

One response to “Day 54- New York Nights: UWS

  1. Obviously you didn’t hit the UWS around 80th street and Amsterdam where there are about six dozen bars and restaurants in four blocks. I think that makes up for the dearth of them the rest of the way north.

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