Day 55- Brunch

Good Parking 55/365

Today I revisited what last year had become a cherished summer tradition: brunch. Last summer, as I started to build up mileage for my first half marathon, I would try to schedule my long run before a weekend brunch. I would run in the heat of the humid summer, rush back to my apartment after 9, then 10, then 11 and eventually 12 and 13 miles, shower quickly and head out to meet my friends. Our location of choice last summer was Roberto Passon in Hell’s Kitchen. They had the deadly combination of bottomless strong drinks, and slow food service. This, combined with arriving at the restaurant with both a calorie deficit and dehydrated, led to some giddy and particularly fun brunches.
Today was a much more casual brunch, with no alcohol, some shockingly bad-yet-oh-so-good food, and after over two hours at the gym instead of a run (resting the knee)– yet it was brunch, and it was wonderful. On the walk back to the subway afterward, I snapped some pics until the rain became too much for my camera, but I did manage to capture this lovely parking job.

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