Day 58- Rehab and March Recap

Blooming 58/365

If I had to take two prime spring weeks to rehab my knee, these have been the ones to take (at least so far). The weather has at times been cold, at times rainy, and often both. My recovery regimen has involved no running, elliptical to maintain cardio, and strength training to work the leg muscles supporting the knee. I have found that despite running 20 miles a week, several of my key leg muscles were shockingly weak, including the adductors and the muscle at the very bottom of the quad that stabilizes the knee joint. Two weeks into carefully working these muscles and my legs feel more toned than after a half-marathon, and the dull ache in my knee is gone. Whether the sharp buckling in my knee when running is also alleviated will be tested next week and not before– no matter how tempting.

So the last day of March, instead of being celebrated with a run on the East River, was spent doing a strength training class at the gym where I either displayed my dedication, or a disturbing disregard for looking like a fool: I forgot my work-out pants and did the class in jeans. A popular all female class at the gym by the way, at least at my gym, is a very catty place. Despite trying to shoot those around me a sheepish smile at my predicament, I was met only by scoffs and eye-rolls. Until I squatted them under the table that is– jeans and all. Those jeans have now been relegated immediately to the laundry pile. I may just wash them twice.

And now March in pictures:
March Mosaic

The pictures this month are, to me, a huge improvement from February. I spent a lot of the month mastering PhotoShop, and learned how to properly use layers, and the power of playing subtly with the color tones. I also added night shots to my repertoire for the first time. As I predicted, spring flowers and rain are well represented. I also managed to post my picture and write something, even if only a list about cats, by the each day (end meaning before bed, not midnight). So I take my own metaphorical hat off to March and hope I can keep this up– only 307 more days to go.

One response to “Day 58- Rehab and March Recap

  1. Love the red building and budding tree. Hope you are able to return to running as planned. Someone has to do it. Your month’s photos have been very enjoyable.

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