Day 59- Yesterday

Crystallization 59/365

Day 59 is yesterday. Yesterday, I did not post. After a spotless March, I did not manage to get my pics and post up before bed, although I did take my photos.

Why? Three reasons: science, stupidity, and sake (induced silliness).

Reason #1: science. This reason is not exciting. I was busy at work, doing those science-y things I do. For those of you interested in following along with my dorky life, I have included some science talk. For the rest of you only interested in stupidity and silliness, of which I abound, skip ahead– you will not be disappointed.
Pictured above is a photo of a NaCl solution, also called sodium chloride, also called salt. When we make various solutions for our experiments, we usually make them based on previously prepared stock solutions, so that we don’t have to measure and dissolve powder each time. Dispensing a fixed volume of liquid (using pipettes) is much easier than weighing and dissolving powder into a fixed volume of liquid. For this reason, commonly used reagents (like salts) are made up as concentrated stock solutions and kept on our benches for repeated use. To be able to mix several chemicals together, to whatever desired concentration without over-diluting any of these, stock solutions are very concentrated– or close to saturation. Saturation is the maximal amount of a chemical that can be dissolved in liquid before it precipitates out. If a once soluble solution loses liquid, due to evaporation, often the chemical will precipitate out in the form of crystals: a specific and ordered arrangement of molecules. This is what has occurred to the salt solution pictured above, making it unusable for solutions, and perfect for photography.

Reason #2: stupidity. My goal yesterday was to finish up work, get to the gym for an hour on the elliptical, and then meet my running team after their practice downtown for dinner and drinks. Despite leaving work at 6.45 and having till 8.30 to work out, I got in only 30min on the machine. Why?, see reason above. Shortly before going to the gym I realized I forgot my phone at home, rushed home to get it, and then rushed to the gym. Once there, I realized that in searching for my phone at work I had taken my running shoes out of my bag, forcing me to run back to lab where I retrieved my running shoes. I then proceeded all the way back to the ground floor before I realized that I had left my coat back in lab. At this point I decided I better get a jump start on my workout so ran up the 7 flights of stairs to get it. On returning to the gym I changed, and ran up 4 flights of stairs to the cardio area, only to realize I had forgotten my headphones in my locker. I ran down the stairs, back up, and finally, did some elliptical. I then ran to the roof to get some extra cardio, went down to the basement to the locker room, only to realize I had forgotten my locker key on the elliptical machine. At this point the story ends, thank goodness. Unless I continued to forget things, but also forgot that I forgot them, either way there is nothing more to say on this account, except to give myself a metaphorical head slap and maybe consume some gingko enriched green tea.

Reason #3: Sake induced silliness. Tired, dehydrated runners (and ellipticalers?!), having light dinner and drinking Sake shots, translates into scenes like the one pictured below. As well as no blog posting. Sorry. Will try to do better in the future.


5 responses to “Day 59- Yesterday

  1. Johnny B Good

    I love all things science, stupidity, and silly. Oh, and sake!

  2. Reason #1: science.hoooo shiny crystal!?/!@
    Reason #2: stupidity. Yea sounds like my daily experience.
    Reason #3: Sake induced silliness. If I had been there I would have been hanging from the cross walk sign. Go team Sake.

  3. Sylvain, I would have LOVED to see that. Too bad you work nights, I know you would do team Sake proud!!

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