Day 60- Central Park

Buds turn to Green 60/365

My first summer in New York, I almost never made it to Central Park, even though it is only 1.5 miles from my house. I went for the occasional picnic and knitting circle, but I somehow never integrated it into my life. Then, when I began running, I would visit the park weekly. I watched the seasons change from the humidity of last summer, to the fall, to this winter: the snow coming and going, the park intermittently changing from white to gray and back again.
In the last three weeks however, without running to propel me quickly to her gates, I have missed my weekly visits. Today, after a doctor’s appointment on the West side, I walked home along the 72nd transverse, slowly, seeing more than I ever did on my runs. The park is now green, the trees are blooming, and daffodils poke out of the soil all along the grass, even the carriage horses are beginning to look content and sprightly. Along the paths runners are T-shirt clad, and casual walkers and bikers have returned. Tomorrow I will volunteer at NYRR Scotland run, and I look forward to both cheering on fellow runners, and spending some quality time with the park in her spring glory. Hopefully soon I can run with her again, and she will resume her rightful place on my weekly calendar. Until then I will make sure to check in with her from time to time, to see how she is doing.

One response to “Day 60- Central Park

  1. She misses you, too.

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