Day 64- Return to the Reservoir

Reservoir 64/365

Suddenly it is spring in Central Park and on the reservoir loop. Yes, there is daylight and cherry blossoms and mild breezes, but there are also people– a lot of people. It is hard not to feel a sense of ownership over a place that I ran, when almost deserted, during the dark, cold winter. On those nights the cold wind would chill me, even slowing me down as I turned into it along the loop, and treacherous frozen puddles waited around each bend. Those nights there was the few of us from the team, the occasional lone runner, and the Central Park track club doing speed-work. One night, as I turned along the northern side of the loop, I realized that the lights were out. I, and another runner alongside, fell into pace, an unspoken agreement that we would ride out the dark together.
Today, this sense of darkness was gone, as were the runners doing speed work. The reservoir is no longer a track, but a sidewalk. Beautiful, and scenic, and perfect for a leisurely walk or jog. I was still able to run at pace, and several people ran faster still, but it no longer felt like the land of runners.

And now, the knee. I don’t want to celebrate too early, but at four miles in I suddenly broke into a grin when I realized that I’d made it that far without it buckling (this was not the case two weeks ago when I began the rehab). I ran five miles in total, and felt some light aching in the knee (especially after stopping), but no sharp pain. Too early to celebrate perhaps, but certainly not the death knell I was fearing. Now, to just get my cardio back into shape– as I had feared, elliptical and dance classes had not cut it.

Picture is of the reservoir, taken with my iPhone.

6 responses to “Day 64- Return to the Reservoir

  1. The picture is beautiful, and so sharp for a phone photo. Nice border, too. Congrats on your successful return to running. Someone’s got to do it.

  2. Yay on the running return!

  3. Hi! I like your blog! I too share that indignant feeling when all the fair weather runners come out and clog up our routes, the routes we so diligently plodded through all winter long.

    It’s alright–we can run in silent smugness, you and I, confident in our virtuousness.

    Are you on Twitter? I am–follow me @pigtaisflying, please? I promise a follow back.

    • OOPS that’s @pigtailsflying


    • TK- thanks for the comments! I love your blog too. And I love reading about your routes since they are so close to mine. You are likely running over the bridge while I’m under it, or on Roosevelt Island, while I’m on the opposite shore.
      I’m not on twitter yet, but thinking of succumbing soon. When I do, I will be sure to look you up.

  4. That pigtaisflying is actually pretty interesting too. (Actually, I’m off Twitter myself.)

    When I lived in the City, I was maybe 200 yards from the Reservoir. It was not a place for “serious” runners, but I loved running four laps on Friday nights in the winter, in the cold crisp quiet air, the buildings south of the Park bathed in light. I’d run it now and then at other times, but would be deterred when it got crowded and reverted to my normal (but still enjoyable) Park Drive loops.

    About your knee, I had a major issue with one of mine years ago, but a bit of PT with a running-aware therapist eliminated that, and other, injuries.

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