Day 67- Looking Back

Still at work 67/365

Earlier in the project, as afternoon rolled around, I would start thinking about my photograph. I would look around the lab, out the window, and if that failed to provide inspiration I would head out on a short photo-walk, to make sure I got my shot before I lost the last light of the day. But lately, this enthusiasm is waning. I have definitely enjoyed photography more than I have for years, going on shooting excursions like the one to Chinatown last Sunday. But, as afternoon rolls around and I am busy at work, I do not rush out to take my picture. There is always the cat fallback, or night shots, I’ll find something.
Sometimes this something turns out to be fantastic: I have taken some very successful night pictures on campus, as well as the one from my gym. Sometimes, I am pushing it, like yesterday’s shot of Pichu playing.

Today I did the same thing. I was working on a new science blog I am setting up with some people from Rockefeller, and I stayed at my computer as the light of the day faded. I walked out the main entrance of the building, and saw so many things that would have made perfect shots had it not been dusk: blooms, and birds, and trees framing the campus buildings. And then I had a moment that makes this project worthwhile. As I looked back to the building in which I had spent all of today, and many others, I saw some lights still on and others, like mine, shut off for the day. I know that today’s photo is not that great, as it is a bit blurry, but I was still able to see and capture an interesting moment that I would not have otherwise.

As for running, my update is quite pathetic. After Tuesday’s run and Wednesday’s strength class I was struck down with a pretty bad cold / virus, that made me take two days off. If that wasn’t enough, I stepped on a curtain tack last night that was about 3/4 of an inch long and pretty thick. My foot is now fighting the infection, and it hurts to put weight on my heel. I do plan on an easy run today though, hopefully this will be motivation to work on my fore-foot strike. Forget Vibrams, I recommend wounding your heel, this is the secret to injury free running! 😉


One response to “Day 67- Looking Back

  1. “Wounding your heal is the secret to injury free running.” Classic stuff. Despite your denials, I think this photo is wonderful. Perhaps because it’s the best photo I’ve ever seen of this monolith where I work.

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