Day 73- Back to the Track

Tailor 73/365

This is a misleading title, since I’ve never spent a significant amount of time at the track, but it rhymed, and I wrote it last night after a Texas sized margarita, so was perhaps overly won over by its charms.

I used to do a lot of speed work, at NYRR classes, but this was in Central Park. But today I left work early to attend the speed-work workout that my team hosts on Thursday evenings. In the past I haven’t attended this training run, since it takes me 45min-1hour to get down to the East river track, and this is time that is often better spent at work. Self motivation for intervals is hard, however, and so today I rushed down there and am glad I did. The workout was 1200 meters at 5k pace. I only did five, but since this is my first week running after injury time off, I’m relatively pleased with this. I definitely have a ways to go before I improve my speed, but I’m doing what it will take, and that’s what counts (I suppose).

This week has definitely been the week where I start to question all the projects I have taken on. In addition to work, a lot of my writing deadlines hit at once: this is the main week of work for the next issue of the newsletter, we will be launching a new blog this weekend, I needed to finish my professional website since I will be applying to a program next week and would like it up by then, I need to write my letters for the application, and of course this blog project is always waiting for me in the background, at the end of each day. This in addition to a pretty busy workout schedule, now that I’m trying to combine my running mileage with strength training: Monday, yoga and 3 miles treadmill; Tuesday the 7.5 mile night run; Wednesday strength training class and weight machines for the knee; Thursday, track work. I also managed to get in at least some social time, with a Lost viewing party Tuesday, and drinks after the run last night.

To give some insight into how busy I suddenly am with the newsletter, here is how it played out this week. I had scheduled the editing meeting for Tuesday, but was having trouble assembling all the pieces, and so changed it to Wednesday. Several back and forth e-mails later I finally had the pieces in and assembled them into the document that would be sent out to the editors for copy-editing (including editing it myself). We had the editing meeting, and I noted all the changes, as well as several things I needed to follow up with: looking up some common usage, contacting authors to revise a few tricky sentences, and getting in some other edits that would be faxed to me. There were a few articles that had a lot of changes, and so I spent at least 2 hours Wed. night, inputting copy-editing.

I also have been following up with getting the pictures for each issue. This isn’t technically my role, but I have noticed that it is the step that seems to delay publication the most, and so I’ve been doing my best to speed it up. To this end I took the pictures for one of the articles, and sent out e-mails to remind others to submit theirs. When I was just a writer, I used to complain that the issue was never out on time. Since I’m ostensibly in charge now, I feel a certain responsibility to do as much as I can to stream-line the process. At this point the issue will sit, until all the photos are in, when it will be sent to the person in charge of the layout. My job on this issue is almost over, although I will look over the proofs and, if no one else can make it, visit the printer to make sure they did a decent job (which they never do, unless we make a point of checking it over). My work has already turned to the next issue: I am scheduling the planning meeting for Monday, and contacting regular writers, and some candidates who I think could do a good job, to see if they want to submit pieces. I am also following up on a story that I will be writing.

The reason I am doing all this, apart from valuable experience for a hopeful career change, is that I love it. Even the copy-editing, even inputting the copy-editing. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m relatively good at it, maybe because creating a beautiful piece of writing, even if it’s not my own, is uniquely satisfying. But, one thing I know for sure, is that if I’m still enjoying it at this stage, and this week, even the nit-picky grunt work, then this really could be the right career move for me.

Today’s photo was taken while I was rushing to the post-office yesterday. For the first time pretty much ever, I actually owe money on my taxes. Just the state, but this still meant that I had to run home, get my checkbook, and rush my check off to the post-office. This is what I get for procrastinating, I know. But hey, I’ve been busy!

2 responses to “Day 73- Back to the Track

  1. Boo! I owe taxes to the State for the first time this year too, but I’m loving your pic for this post. Good to see you back on “track!”

  2. You are definitely on the right path career wise. You’re an excellent communicator and a great writer and you enjoy it so much. My busy weeks has shown me that my job is one I don’t like after all. C’est la vie. One year to go!

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