Day 78- Quoting Myself

Modern 77/365

It is almost 11pm and I am just returning from work (with an hour interlude at the gym). Tonight I stayed late to finish up writing an application for a Science Communications program and getting our new blog up and running. Between writing these things, and some others I can’t quite mention yet, I am, quite frankly, writing-ed out (as exhibited by my use of non-words, oh dear, there I went again). And so, I will beg, borrow, and steal… from myself.

First, the first paragraph from my Science Communications application, which, hopefully, sets the stage for my future interest in science writing.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was led towards my science career by examples of excellent science communication. While in high school I got my hands on a series of books written by the zoologist Desmond Morris and devoured them greedily, soaking up the images, conveyed through words, of multitudes of unique and fascinating life-forms. These books, along with the cult film Cane Toads, led me to a very successful science fair project that landed me an internship in an actual research laboratory. During university, I swapped books about animals for those on cells. I pored over my cell biology textbook, fascinated by the stories it told of a complex machinery of tiny intersecting pieces that accomplished extraordinary things. It would not be an exaggeration to state that this textbook drove my interest in basic biology, and ultimately my career.

And now, the link to our new website!!! The Incubator.
Check it out!! I’m very proud of it, even though it’s in its infancy, I think it looks quite professional and shows great promise. It is, in theory, targeted at scientists, but there could be some stuff there that is interesting to all.

My picture was taken while waiting for a lunch with Christie Nicholson, a science journalist in new-media, who gave an amazing lecture today on Science and New Media. I will be sure to recap it here, when my shoulders settle down, and my writing brain resumes functionality.

And now, to upload and process my pic. Seriously, what have I done to myself?!!

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  1. Her eyes are bigger than her stomach.

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