Day 79- New Media

Hard and work or hardly... 78/365

I am a scientist and, although I am not terribly proficient at computers, I did not think I was old school. Hey, I have not one, not two, but three websites, I must be out there in the digital world. Not only do I use social media extensively, but pretty much all of my (non-science) New York friends can be traced back, at least by one degree of separation, to

But, yesterday I learned that although I use the “new media” of the internet, I use it in an “old media” way. I may post on-line, but my outlet is writing– and longish essay style pieces at that. I may have started a science blog, but I have never produced a pod-cast, or desktop animation, and I have so far resisted Twitter (mostly through fear, although I blame a lack of time).

I learned how “old media” I was, because of a fascinating lecture that science journalist Christie Nicholson gave yesterday at Rockefeller University, which I’ve recapped in detail here (Do check it out, even if my post is still old-school, it is chock full of links to her fantastic new-school ideas). Her talk was very inspiring, and I hope to make use of some of her suggestions soon. So, if you see snippets of audio, or more video links cropping up, you know who you have to blame– or thank as the case may be. In the meantime, I will continue writing, because that it what I do. But hey, at least I’m writing about new media, that makes me sort of forward thinking… right??

Picture of the day was taken to specifically illustrate this article. Yes my photography is suffering with all the writing lately, I promise to get back to it soon.

One response to “Day 79- New Media

  1. Writing is never old. No matter how savvy new media is, it still needs words–whether those words are written or spoken or simply presented in a new way. No matter how savvy the media, someone still has to write the words. I believe writing transcends all media types; it’s the bridge that ties it all together. Your writing is excellent. Keep bridging those gaps.

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