Day 80- Voodoo Strength Class


For some strange reason, strength training class on Tuesday made me sore–very sore. This is the same class I took, at the start of March, that signaled to me that I had let my non-running muscles weaken. Last time I could barely walk for two days. This time, several weeks later, I had been doing another, equally intense class weekly, as well as extra weight training three times a week. This time.. I could barely walk for two days.

I really do not know what it is about this class. It feels relatively easy, a thought that had crossed my mind the first time I took it. It also works with variations of the exact same exercises I usually do in my Wednesday’s class: lunges, squats, etc… My weights were the same, or lighter, and I didn’t feel more of a burn during class. Perhaps this instructor just has bigger lungs, sucking more of the oxygen out of the air, forcing the rest of us to switch to anaerobic respiration. Perhaps last week caught up with me, since I finally switched back to my full base mileage (22) including strength class, yoga, weight training and a fairly intense hike. Perhaps it was Voodoo.

Either way, I still ran today, although I chickened out of speed work, but I made sure to at least do a tempo run, for 5 miles along the east river. My legs felt heavy the whole time, but I felt strong, especially on the uphills. I do think this strengthening will help my running, if I can ever run without my legs being completely fatigued. Since I now have to do 15 miles at Ragnar in a few weeks, with a half the next weekend, neither of which I’m properly trained for, I think it might be a while before that happens.

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