Day 82- Lazy Saturday, and a 10 mile run

Mannequin 82/365

I am now at the stage in my running when I can have a lazy day, not do much of anything, and also include a 10 mile run. 10 miles used to be an event, a “long run” that was heralded long before the fact by my speaking about it, fearing it, prepping for it, and, ultimately, running it. It also stayed with me long after the fact. I would return home, shower, stretch, eat, and then nap for a little while, turning my run into the focus of my entire day. By the end of the day I might not have done much of anything, but I would have run 10 miles, and that would be enough for me

Is it good or bad that things have changed? In the past the night before I would have abstained from alcohol all evening, announcing to all those around me that I had a long run the next day. I would also have retired early. Last night I did neither of those things.

Waking at noon, with a hangover, my 10 miler was already in doubt, but I did not give up on it altogether. I did some computer work, went to get some lunch, bought some vegetables at the market (where I took today’s pic in the flea market portion). Around 4pm I decided that what I really needed was a nap, perhaps inspired by my most happily sleeping cats (pic below). I lay on the couch, closed my eyes, and realized that if I didn’t run now it wouldn’t happen. So I just got up, got dressed, and did it. It wasn’t wonderful, I was tired and hungover yes, but it wasn’t terrible either. It just was.

But, I also didn’t feel particularly special for doing it. Today still felt like, and likely was, a lazy day. I will probably run a marathon this fall (one of two options) and I look forward to the increasing long runs. To marking new territory with distances never before travelled, and to feeling the satisfaction in these, long after the endorphins have passed.


One response to “Day 82- Lazy Saturday, and a 10 mile run

  1. I think Saturday was a reminder run. Not the kind you’re used to, but a reminder nonetheless: that you have come so far in your running to have turned it from a special event to just another part of your day. Congratulations on this momentous achievement!

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