Day 90- Indoors

Cafe 90/365

Sunday was a hot, sticky, humid day. The type of day that adds 35min to people’s projected marathon time. The type of day that destroys well meaning workout plans. The type of day that keeps me indoors, nursing a cold, happily working on my computer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors and I love that running sends me out in it, no matter the weather. Last Sunday I was outside for most of the day: standing for 5 hours in the drenching rain in the morning, and returning to the park for an hour that evening to run in the now drizzly fog.

But there is also nothing wrong with a lazy day. After attempting a gym class with whatever strange virus I have on Saturday, and almost collapsing, I knew I had no business running outside in the hot, humid heat. Running Ragnar less than trained will hurt. Running Ragnar still sick might be impossible. I also had a lot of work to do and do not own a lap top.

But I was happy. Sitting indoors in the air-conditioning, puttering on my computer, watching my cats happily play, then eat, then sleep, then repeat. Lately I’ve thought about what it would mean to move and realized how happy I am in my apartment, how perfect my set up is for me. So Sunday I chose to appreciate it, eating cookies I’d baked myself, lighting candles despite the heat, playing music through the cable I have so carefully laid between my computer and my stereo speakers.

That night my mother came into town for work and I emerged, into the warm night. But just far enough to find an outdoor patio strung with lanterns, and to feast on a plate of tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Sometimes, simple pleasures are just enough. Tomorrow I will run off the mozzarella.


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