Day 93- Cinqo de Mayo

Pinata 93/365

Only in New York.
In the front, an organic, vegetarian, mexican restaurant serving “quesadillas” filled with spinach and low-fat sour cream. On the counter at the grill, an earnest pamphlet advertising the “Veggie Pride” parade.
At one point in the evening the usual clientele wandered in, with yoga mats and head bands and hemp T-shirts.
But tonight was Cinqo de Mayo, and we were here not for the spinach quesadillas, although these were good, but for the miniature back room: a tiny little bar, black lit and covered in fluorescent graffiti. Tonight there was a live DJ, and crowds, and giveaways, and our own pinata and leis. Tonight it was a party.
We returned home, crowned with leis, carrying Dos Equis rattles and Corona T-shirts, our pockets stuffed with the wrappers of pinata candy, and our stomachs filled with mexican beer, tequila (for some) and organic, vegetarian food.
Oh– and this was a running team event.
Yes, only New York.

One response to “Day 93- Cinqo de Mayo

  1. johnny b good

    Only in NYC.

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