Day 94- Experiments

Crystals 94/365

On day 59 I posted a crystal that had appeared in a NaCl (salt) solution and gave an explanation of a saturated solution.
My co-worker and I looked at this solution, enjoyed the crystal, and realized that it would now be unusable for science.

Being scientists however, we saw not only a disposable mixture of now overly concentrated salt, but a potential experiment. “Let’s evaporate this solution some more,” we said, “what would become of it then?” And so we planted this beaker on our windowsill, without a cap, like a plant we planned to watch bloom and grow over the next few days.

And what did happen? The answer is displayed above: small tiny crystals of salt coming out of solution, companions to the one large original crystal that prompted the experiment– this one was likely seeded by the stir bar, and forming slowly, had time to form the ordered arrangement of the larger size.

The next step is to evaporate the water completely, and wait yet some more. Our “plant’ will be given the opportunity to continue to bloom and grow. And perhaps be the subject of future photography.


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