Day 97- Steps

Pichu 97/365

There is a work-wide ongoing step competition: Rockefeller Steps. To participate, we are to wear pedometers and track our steps. Teams of five compete: amongst themselves for good sport, and officially against each other.

8,000 steps is an average quiet day, 12,000 an active one with a run; it takes 60,000 steps to walk the entire perimeter of the island of Manhattan (some 30+ miles). On Sunday I covered 32,000 steps. Saturday was a quiet day. I slept in, went to brunch, napped, read on the couch. This relegated all my errands and my long run to Sunday.

That morning, realizing there was no way I could do everything unless I multi-tasked, I dressed in my running gear, tied my arm-warmers to my SPI belt, stuck a credit card into my key pocket and headed out. I circled Central Park, then circled it again, making sure to stop for water several times and eat a Gu. 12 miles done I emerged from the park at 59th street and 5th avenue, suited myself up with my arm-warmers, and set to my errands. 7 stops (including one for much needed food) later, I arrived home. Later, I walked into work then a few extra blocks to get some dinner .

And amazingly, although it’s been ages since I was able to run 12 miles, I was not sore today and my knee didn’t hurt. Although I was exhausted near the end of the run, since I was still recovering from my cold, I was able to perk up fairly quickly after I ate and drank. I now think that I am officially entering a new era in my running where it is something that I can “just do”, with minimal fuss or muss. If I need to do a 12 mile run on the same day as a bunch of errands, I can do just that. Of course, check back with me when it hits 90 degrees, Sunday was a lovely 50– perfect for a nice long run.

Despite being out all day, I didn’t bring my camera. Picture was taken as I rested my feet from all those steps– on the couch next to my cat.


2 responses to “Day 97- Steps

  1. You are amazing. 12 miles after having not run for, what, a week, and hardly even a blink. Perhaps all you needed was rest.

  2. Pretty kitty.

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