Day 100- Getting ready!

Window 100/365

On Wednesday evening I was able to transition from focusing on work and work-related events, to preparing for the Ragnar relay. I worked till 6pm, went to get take-out noodle soup from the restaurant pictured above, and then headed home to pack. I was supposed to post this the next day, setting up from the trip I was taking and the fact that I would catch-up with my blog when I got home, but a very busy day ended up pre-empting this.

Instead I will write now that in the next few days, I will catch up on posts from Thurs. through Sunday, and describe one of the most fun and fulfilling running and team events I have ever participated in!

So, stay tuned…

And… congrats to me on 100 days!!! At least my photos have all been taken on the day in question.

One response to “Day 100- Getting ready!

  1. Congrats indeed!!!

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