Day 104- Recovery

Ragnar 104/365

I mentioned last week that I am participating in the Rockefeller walks program: a competitive step program at work, where we wear a pedometer and try to achieve specific step goals.

Last Sunday, I walked over 31,000 steps, doing a 12 mile run and numerous errands. Thursday, running around preparing for the Ragnar relay, and going to Queens to meet the van, I netted over 17,000 steps. Friday and Saturday, at the relay itself, I covered a combined 51,000 steps (not bad considering that much of my time was probably spent in a van, but then not sleeping does free up more opportunities to step).

This Sunday, after waking up from a 13 hour sleep, I covered 5,800 steps (if you don’t count all the steps I accomplished during my afternoon nap, where I dreamed I was still running the relay).

I call this recovery.

My running shoes, pictured above, were likely happy for the rest as well. I wonder when I’ll break it to them that they’re running a half marathon on Saturday.

3 responses to “Day 104- Recovery

  1. Zounds, a half marathon! Enjoy! I like your version of recovery. It’s all steppy.

  2. Ah, the half marathon. I wish I could run it with you.

  3. Johnny B Good

    Agree with Jo, the pic is fab.

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