Day 106- Fads

Jump 106/365

There seem to be all kinds of cool trends that get picked up on Flickr, not the least of which is the jump pic. This is something that I haven’t been particularly interested in, mostly because I rarely do self portraits and because others do it so well I am hesitant to add my own pathetic attempts into the fray.

But last night, I once again had forgotten to take my pic before I was home for the day and it was dark. What to do? I didn’t feel like milking the cats for more adorableness, although they have much to spare. I looked around the living room at items for a still life, but was uninspired. I had, however, found my folding tripod while packing for my Ragnar trip and so I set this up pointing at the couch. All that was left to do was to jump off the arm. I did so, with varying degrees of success, and the photo posted above was my best attempt. Clearly I have much work to do in this area, but I suppose it was a start. And at the very least the first somewhat self portrait I will have posted since starting this project, even if all you can identify of me is my running socks.

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