Day 107- Watching Lost

Watching Lost 107/365

[Note, there will be spoilers. Mostly in the early seasons, but I may mention lines from the last few episodes. You may not want to read if you’re not caught up, or are a newbie.]

This will be a rare post for me, as it will venture in the world of popular culture– something I seem to generally avoid. I suppose when my general blog premise is running, science, writing, and photography, this doesn’t leave much room for the glib world of entertainment. But, as millions of viewers have likely said before me, Lost is different.

I used to be a skeptic. I did not watch the first season and thus, any attempts I made to watch in later seasons were met with confusion and ensuing annoyance. I tuned in expecting to see the characters on a deserted Island, and instead saw them in yellow clapboard houses with picket fences. Characters I had thought were good guys seemed to be bad guys, and there was this odd pillar of smoke that sounded like a printing taxi receipt (not my observation, but a good one) . I remember watching the episode when Kate, having returned to the island and three years back in time, encounters Juliet working for the Dharma Initiative. There were deep and intense gazes exchanged between them, signaling to me the presence of a back story I did not understand. In my wildest imaginings I might have guessed at one, but never all, of the actual three scenarios: escape and return to the island, time travel and a love triangle.

Shortly after Christmas a friend gave me a copy of Lost season one. This led to an interesting exchange at a store when the clerk saw it in my purse as I opened it to retrieve my wallet:
Him: “OMG you got Lost!”
Me: “I’m not lost?!”
This enthusiasm on his part might have given me a taste of what I was in for, but I could not have predicted the level of my ensuing addition. Two months and the purchase of a Roku instant Netflix viewer later, I was caught up and ready to join my friends in their Lost viewing parties.

I am now a member of the cult, president of the fan club, drinker of the Kool-aid, whichever moniker you may prefer. As we watched last night, a previous version of myself entered the room, just in time to hear Charles Whidmore say, “I brought Desmond to the Island because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism.” I could feel his scorn, or perhaps heard it in his audible scoff. And yet, to me, it now made so much sense. Sense that cannot be conveyed in words. You have to watch, I told him, something that had been told to me before– when I was the non-believer. As he left the room, and a character on the screen spoke of the destruction of the island, he jokingly commented, “Yeah, nuke that island!”. “Oh no,” we corrected him, “that’s already happened. It didn’t destroy it. Just created an alternate reality.”

I have a feeling there will be one less convert entering our fold.

One response to “Day 107- Watching Lost

  1. Can I just say how happy I am that my little media viewing room is getting such good use? Group meetings be damned, there’s entertainment to enjoy!

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