Day 111- NY Days: The West Village

Guard Dog 111/365

This weekend there were no NY nights. I remember the days when I thought that a difficult race on Saturday morning would mean that I would give up going out on Friday– and Friday night alone. I am now fully aware that a Saturday race eats into my Saturday night as well. But, I awoke Sunday morning feeling remarkably good for the day after a half marathon and brunch plans led me to one of my favorite New York neighborhoods: the West Village. This area reminds me of home, with houses–even gardens– interspersed amongst city streets. But it also has the feel of the “real” NY, the old world city I had imagined before ever moving here. My image of NY has never been Midtown or Times Square–being unimpressed and uninspired as I am by tall buildings–instead I imagined a world more like Gangs of New York, with skinny brownstones, now inhabited by trendy urbanites in hip clothing. Sunday, I wandered through these brown-stoned streets, sat in a sheltered city garden, shopped for clothing off of Bleecker street and ate brunch with a large over-priced iced coffee. New York City, indeed.

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