Day 113- Making it up as you go

Liquor Store Guard Dog 113/365

I am now officially introducing new rules to my blog. These rules are entirely for myself, and for those of you curious enough to perhaps follow the craziness that I have set in place in the name of my “daily” blog.

1- Since I often like to post about what I’ve photographed in the evening, and I still need to upload and process these pics, my new standard is to post about the previous day– yesterday.

2- I am allowed to get behind in posts, but not pics. Since the beginning of the blog I had to account for times when I might not have internet access. My rules for these was that I still needed to take a pic on the day in question, and my post should reflect what I did, or was thinking about, this day. But that if I couldn’t actually post each day it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I reiterate this.

3- I am allowed to set up trends and themes as I go. When I started this venture I had no idea what I might be talking about in it, as it’s hard to know what major events will dominate your life for the next year. A project like this also allows one to make sense of the noise and chaos of life, to allow you to find trends and themes as you go along and then incorporate them into the whole– as if you intended such brilliant serendipity from the start.

And so, having stated these three rules, I will now explain how I am in complete and utter compliance with them.

1- Since I am now posting for Tuesday, I am “officially” caught up. Yay.

2- Yes, I am posting three posts at once: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But, each picture was absolutely
taken on the day in question and my posts reflect this. So, I’m Ok. Phew! (Making up your own rules is so convenient)

3- I am starting a new theme, with today’s and Sunday’s post. This theme is NYC guard dogs. Enjoy.


3 responses to “Day 113- Making it up as you go

  1. The beauty of having your blog is you can make up your own rules and then break them at will.

  2. I think my son, James would love to read this particular bog. He loves to make his own rule just like he did with the Monopoly game that we play.

  3. I made myself similar rules! I am glad I am not the only one that has made it a rule to take a photo a day and blog it as soon as possible, not necessarily on the same day as it was taken.

    Keep up the good work!

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