Day 114-Keepsakes

Painted Garden 114/365

Note- To catch up with my very very behind blog, some of the following posts will be short.
To prevent me from getting this behind again, short, brief comments on my photos will be allowed in the future.

The picture above is of an antique china piece I “inherited” from my parents. Inherited is in quotation marks, because both parents are very much alive. The “very much” connotes the fact that they have a wonderful, and yet often exhausting and occasionally vexing, continued impact on my life.

The piece was one of my favorite little treasures from our antique filled Niagara summer house, that I regularly mourn through the infuriating and uncontrollable venue of recurring dreams. I truly loved this place and memories of it travel with me through all seasons. In spring, a few tulips purchased from the corner store stand in for the 100s of bulbs that my father and I planted one fall (swollen frozen fingers, brought back to life under a hot tap were a small price to pay for the explosion of color we were rewarded with in all subsequent springs). In summer, a whiff of freshly mowed grass and any taste of fresh fruit, brings me back to summers where entire days were spent on blankets on the lawn, eating bags and bags of fresh, local cherries purchased at farm stands on the side of the road. Even the excessive Christmas decorations draped all over my apartment come December are an homage to Niagara–to a place that was once the actual set for a “perfect Christmas town” in a Hollywood movie.

And, on my counters and shelves, amidst the somewhat modern decor I have put together for a NY apartment, and furniture purchased from Target and Ikea, I have placed a few of my favorite pieces from this home.

Below is a picture of Ayla, sleeping by two lamps and a vase also from this collection.



One response to “Day 114-Keepsakes

  1. ah memories!

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