Days 119-121- How I Spent my Week

MIrror Mirror 119/365

Or otherwise entitled, The Great Blog Catch Up!

What is there to say in a blog recap of an uneventful week.
Catching up on posts missed during trips, or holidays, is wonderful. Numerous fantastic pictures and great tales of adventures and exploration provide enough material for several independent posts.

But what to do about an uneventful week, where my only excuse for not posting is a lack of inspiration?
The answer, I suppose, is to give up and post a multi-day post, for the first time since starting this blog. (My double day during the Ragnar Relay does not count, since it really was one giant day).

Day 119 Monday– holiday for some, slow, lazy work day for others.
Pictured above are the ducks that nest in our campus fountains. More on these adorable guys later, but I did discover that my eyes were not deceiving me, and there is a bright yellow, fluffy, albino duckling amongst the group. Recently I have mentally grasped the concept that I will not be at this job forever, and this has made me realize how many wonderful perks I take for granted–these fountains and access to their outdoor space chief among them.

Pane of Glass 120/365

Day 120 Tuesday– Not much to report today. My picture, of the view from my grimy apartment window, tells the story. My knee has flared up recently and combined with increasing exhaustion and the heat wave, I have taken it easy this week– not doing much of anything, including exercise. I will tell myself this is a fantastic training strategy. There are training plans with dips as well as peaks in mileage, after all.

Reflections 121/365

Day 121 Wednesday. I did go for a run today, and would love to report that as soon as I got out there, I felt just wonderful. But, I cannot. I realize now I should have been more careful when a subtly boasted about running through the coldest of the winter days, because this is comparatively so much easier for me than running in the heat. So now I am called to task as I grunt, and sweat, and skip my runs as summer heats up. This will have to change. If I run the NYC marathon, and I plan to, I will need to do some very long runs, on some very hot August days. Perhaps I just need to acclimatize. Perhaps. The picture is an iPhone snap taken as I walked back across the bridge from the East river at the conclusion of my run. I wonder if sweat is bad for the iPhone?


3 responses to “Days 119-121- How I Spent my Week

  1. Glad you’re back. I’ve missed your posts.

    If sweat were bad for the iPhone, mine would have died long ago.

    On a completely unrelated note: my iPad wants to correct iPhone to sIphon.

  2. Also, methinks your inspirational barometer is off. I think so much more happened to you this week than you’re letting on.

  3. Hello. So, my last iPod completely died due to it accompanying me on 3 out of 5 weekly runs. Sweat, whatehaveyou.

    Also, yes summer training is slower than winter training, but it makes you much tougher. Grr! grit your teeth, suck down the water and Gatorade, and know that running through the heat and humidity will make you stronger for race day. Summer training–long runs, speed work–definitely led me to PRs in the Fall of 2008.

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